Radices Consortium

The roots of the guild structure date back to 17th-century Holland, where Dutch families, renowned for their success as merchants and traders, laid the foundation for the consortium’s establishment and continuity. During the Dutch Golden Age, guilds financed various ventures, including shipbuilding, real estate, commodities, and arts, earning widespread international recognition for their achievements.

With the expansion of East Indian trading and an increase in wealth, the guilds extended their financing services, offering loans and investments within the consortium and in fields of interest such as real estate, trade, and commodities. Throughout its journey, the consortium underwent changes, incorporating new families, entrepreneurs, and businessmen. Guided by cherished family traditions, succeeding generations have upheld Rubenstein Capital’s legacy as a traditional and independent endeavor.

What We Encourage

At Rubenstein Capital, our approach is firmly rooted in our esteemed heritage of trade and finance. We take pride in mentoring the next generation and selected entrants, instilling them with timeless ethics and community values to prepare them for leadership. Our unwavering focus lies in long-term growth, value accumulation, community development, and maintaining our independence. Our diverse interests encompass Manufacturing, Real Estate, Commodity, Infrastructure, and Art & Antiques, reflecting our commitment to staying relevant and aligned with the evolving needs of our consortium.

Honoring Traditional Values

Education and strong moral principles are essential cornerstones of powerful societies, fostering autonomy and self-reliance. We hold in high regard the importance of local craftsmanship and competitive manufacturing as catalysts for community welfare and independence. Consortium family ethics and religious values are generously imparted to nurture personal growth and instill confidence in young talents. At Rubenstein Capital, we fervently advocate lifestyle investments that enrich communities, preserve culture and heritage, and secure community welfare, succession, and family wealth. Upholding these cherished values lies at the heart of our ethos, empowering us to create a positive impact on the world around us.

Consilium Nostrum Fidem Continet

At Rubenstein Capital, our liquidity strategy is aligned with our core philosophy, directing funding towards companies that align with our deeply ingrained values and culture. Collaborating with a distinguished group of private investors, we harness the wealth of resources and expertise that our guild culture offers, allowing us to swiftly identify promising opportunities.

As a consortium, we steer clear of financing ventures driven by ideological activism or unrealistic promises, as well as those promoting destructive monopolistic or globalist ideals. Our critical approach also leads us to refrain from supporting projects lacking collateral or those that do not contribute meaningfully to community development.

Traditio et Conventio

With an esteemed legacy inherited from traditional family guilds, Rubenstein Capital boasts a profound expertise in merchant banking and financial entrepreneurship. We cherish this time-honored tradition, as our foundation is built on centuries-old conventional financial practices that brought craftsmen and merchants together for financing construction, craftsmanship, and trade expansion. Simultaneously, we maintain a steadfast conventional approach, nurturing shared capital commitment with our esteemed private investors. True to tradition, akin to guilds, we appoint regents to represent the consortium, diligently safeguarding the interests of families and investors.

Our comprehensive funds offer a diverse array of options, encompassing corporate and secondary private equity, co-investments, as well as senior and junior credits. Embracing our role as a traditional player in Direct Lending, we offer personalized debt financing solutions that seamlessly align with the unique needs of private enterprises in the thriving mid-market segment, visionary entrepreneurs, families, and private equity sponsors with whom we foster symbiotic collaborations.

Identitas Fundamentalis

At the very core of our identity lies an unwavering passion for financial entrepreneurship, fortified by a profound commitment to time-tested traditional values and a thriving culture of community and partnership. Guided by these fundamental principles, we navigate the financial landscape, championing excellence in every endeavor while empowering the growth and prosperity of those we serve.

Merchant Banking

Delivering financial opportunities through direct lending and customized junior debt financing solutions to privately-owned mid-market businesses, with a focus on Vietnam.



Alternative Investment

Enhance diversification and seize opportunities in Vietnam by including non-traditional assets such as private equity, real estate, and commodities.



Lifestyle Investment

Integrate passion and value appreciation in lifestyle-oriented themes, with a focus on succession planning for enduring family wealth and communities.



Advice Services

Provide tailored investment advice, brokerage services, and tax optimization strategies, including deal searching and matchmaking opportunities in Vietnam.