In 2019, a close group of professional investors, international businesspeople and successful entrepreneurs founded Rubenstein Capital with a singular vision to provide dependable, progressive, quality financial services.

With our headquarters in the Netherlands and bustling Vietnamese subsidiary, we provide our clients a valuable bridge between Europe and the ASEAN region.

Operating in tandem, Rubenstein Capital’s two offices deliver comprehensive financial services with maximum synergy between the two geographies.


Rubenstein Capital’s boutique format and precise philosophy unlock distinctly individual solutions for our esteemed client base (including external and internal current clients) and vibrant personal business portfolio.

We aim to create multiple market-leading platforms to enhance operational efficiencies and maximise investment value. We strategise collaboratively, manage time responsibility and report continuously to cultivate a truly attentive client-focused service.

Our Values

Rubenstein Capital’s distinct model unites professional investors, international businesspeople and successful entrepreneurs across different industries . Our investment team channels these partnerships into our unique edge in the largely opaque ASEAN financial sector, where relationships play a key role.

Our network helps us source proprietary transactions, gain valuable market and industry insights, and add strategic and operational worth to our clients (investors and funds), group and investments.

the consortium

Rubenstein Capital is a consortium with centuries heritage of experience in merchant banking and financial entrepreneurship. We aim to form close enduring relationships with each of our endeavors and partners.

the concierge



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